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Send payment requests with JazzyPay

With JazzyPay, you can send and schedule payment requests to your customers individually or in bulk. Auto-reminders through email, SMS, and automated voice call can also be set up so you can effortlessly remind your clients of pending balances.

To learn how to send, schedule, and set up auto-reminders for individual and bulk payment requests, please watch the following videos:

Payment collection reimagined

Here are the reasons why you should utilize the send payment request features so you can make your payment collection process much more efficient.

Cut costs

JazzyPay has both online invoicing and auto-reminders all in one platform. Sending payment requests through JazzyPay allows you to cut your costs from paper billing and from hiring third party invoicing solutions or automated reminder services.

Save time

Time is money. Being able to send multiple payment requests and schedule them according to your preferred billing date allows you to be free from manual billing processes, which can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of customers to bill simultaneously. Automated reminders also save you from the stress and hassle of constantly reminding customers of unpaid balances.

Auto-reminders will be sent three times via SMS, email, and voice message to your customers after the payment request has been sent.

Kindly refer to the table below to know the scheduled reminders that your clients will receive after a payment request has been sent.

Auto-reminder Schedule
Number of days after
sending payment request
Type of reminder to be sent Time of reminder
1 day SMS, Email, Voice message SMS and Email: 10AM PHT
Voice message: 1PM PHT
3 days SMS, Email, Voice message SMS and Email: 10AM PHT
Voice message: 1PM PHT
5 days SMS, Email, Voice message SMS and Email: 10AM PHT
Voice message: 1PM PHT
Less delinquent payments, improved cash flow

Not only are late payments a pain to deal with, but they can also be a major roadblock to your business’ cash flow. In order to lessen delayed payments’ negative impact, businesses may charge an additional fee from late-payers. However, doing so may affect the customer relationship. By sending scheduled payment requests and setting up reminders, you can decrease the chances of late payments without the need to have those uncomfortable late payment discussions with your customers.

Easier and more secure access to payment information

Manual payment collection can be prone to errors, which may compromise sensitive payment information. It can also be more difficult to keep track of physical receipts. By sending payment requests through JazzyPay, you can easily review and monitor all invoice information and history in one place through a secure platform.

Upgrade your payment collection process. Start sending online invoices now!

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